Choose your cup

There are several criteria that make the choiсe easier: age, your muscles’ condition, childbirth and physiological characteristics.

Do you want to know how I’ve chosen my cup? A few details about me: I’m 24, my day starts with jogging. Twice a week I go to the swimming pool and I sometimes do pilates. Thanks to fitness I have strong vaginal muscles. I don’t have children and my flow is rather medium than heavy. So my size is S.

The Tulip menstrual cup size S

Light to medium flow

The Tulip cup size S is made of firmer silicone than size L

The cup is excellent for women with strong vaginal muscles — especially young ladies

This model is also shorter. It is convenient for women with low cervix

Diameter of the cup is 41 mm, length is 47 mm




The Tulip menstrual cup size L

Medium to heavy flow

The Tulip cup size L is made of softer silicone than size S

It’s good for keeping heavy flow

Reliable, flexible and pliable — it perfectly suits both pregnant women, whose body is undergoing many changes, and women who already have children

Diameter is 46 mm, length is 52 mm

Have you chosen your size? It’s time to learn how to use the Tulip cup.