How to achieve comfort

When I bought the cup, I did not quite understand how to use it properly. It took me about two periods to find a convenient way to insert the cup. Now I do it easily. Perhaps, at first you’ll also have some difficulties. I’ll give you some tips on how to make insertion easier and tell you about the simplest ways to fold the cup.

Remember, that your hands should be clean. And, what is more important, you must be relaxed. Otherwise, nothing will work out, I can say it from my own experience. The best way is to stand up and place one leg higher than the other. It is important to insert the cup slightly inclined — in the direction of your vagina, not too low and not too high, otherwise it will cause discomfort. If it is difficult for you to insert the cup, you can moisten it with water or use a water-based lubricant.

After the insertion, pull the stem slightly. If you feel resistance, then the cup is placed properly. When you remove the Tulip cup, never pull the stem. First, squeeze the bottom of the cup, then push it with your pelvic muscles and after that remove.

When you get accustomed, you will feel how easy and convenient it is to use the Tulip cup. Here are a few ways to fold the cup that I usually use:





Push the middle of the cup inside 

Connect the ends. It’s the simplest folding method

But you may need to push the cup to unfold it




Connect the ends of the cup together

After that press one of the ends to the middle 

Rotate the bottom ot the cup (not the stem) t0 get the cup into the right position 





Squeeze the walls of the cup, and then fold them inward  

In this case, the cup unfolds easily

And here you can find out how to take care of the Tulip cup.