Let’s make it clean


The Tulip cup should be cleaned before and after your period. It’s not difficult, just follow these instructions:



Make sure the cup is fully open. Wash your hands, and then wash the cup with mild soap.  

Important: do not use perfumed soap. Soap with unknown pH values ​​can cover the cup with a layer of irritants that can damage vagina’s mucous membrane. Some soap may contain remedies that damage the silicone. Do not use chlorhexidine. It is better to wash the Tulip cup with tap water than to use improper soap and aggressive remedies. 


Before using the cup for the first time, plunge it in the water completely and boil the cup in a pot for 3 minutes. 


Pour out the liquid. Rinse the cup with cold water and then wash with warm water. Be sure to rinse the air holes well. You can use a cleaning brush or a toothpick. When the Tulip cup is completely cleaned, it shouldn’t have any foreign smell and colors. It is not necessary to sterilize the cup before each use during one period. When the period is over, disinfect the cup and boil it, if possible.


I love the Tulip cup because it’s irreplaceable in travel! If any conditions do not allow you to rinse the Tulip cup, you can use disinfecting napkins. They eliminate most germs and allow using the cup safely, even if there are no other disinfectants around. You can also simply rinse the cup with water from a bottle — without using soap. Now you know everything about the Tulip cup and you can choose your own cup.






Now you know everything about the Tulip cup and you can choose your own cup.