Menstrual cup Tulip Sun

If you decide to buy  the Tulip menstrual cup, we suggest that you read in detail the information:
The Tulip is made of 100% medical silicone. The surface of the cup is made in the form of petals, the bottom is marked with special incisions, which allow you to reach the cup with ease.
The cup is delivered in a transparent package with a special bag. Guarantee the safety of the cup for a long period of time, while observing the right conditions for purification. Cup for any age with a different degree of excretion

Available in two sizes:
1st size for women under 35 years old
2nd size is suitable for women over 35
Size S: diameter 41 mm, height 47 mm, stem length 25 mm
Size L: diameter 45 mm, height 52 mm, length of stem 20 mm
Size S: up to 22 ml holes
Size L: up to 24 ml holes